Spain open its borders the 1. of July

Spain opens its borders on July 1, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez said at a press conference Saturday afternoon.

The Prime Minister calls on the Spaniards to plan their holidays and said that by July 1, foreign tourists will again be able to come to Spain under safe conditions. Pedro Sánches proclaimed that foreign tourists could now also plan their holidays in Spain. Spain usually has over 80 million tourists a year.

The worst is over and the epicenter of the virus has moved to other parts of the world. The behavior of the people has been formidable. Everyone has fulfilled their mission and they have stood together to fight this epidemic.

At the same time, he stated that we are only a step away from victory, but that the virus is still lurking and it is therefore very important not to ignore the restrictions on opening the country.

As of Monday, all regions will be in either phase 1 or phase 2 (Valencia region phase 1 and Murcia region phase 2) of the government’s deescalation plan. The deescalation process is ongoing, but everyone should keep in mind that we are still in health alert mode.

The Prime Minister further stated that he understands the impatience of the people and that everyone wants to move forward as soon as possible. However, he warned that there is still 1 month left of the deescalation plan and therefore there will still be restrictions on mobility and gatherings.

Spain Coronavirus “Lockdown” has been among the most severe in the world and many residents are still extremely limited in how and when they can leave their homes during the current escalation phases.