Los Alcazares

Los Alcazares, Costa Calida

The stunning Los Alcazares

On the shore of the Mar Menor sea, you will find the stunning village, Los Alcazares. The name of Los Alcázares comes from the Arab Al-Kazar, meaning Castle. It is therefore thought that the first human in the area, were Arabs. During the Middle Ages and the early Modern time, there were built a number of towers for protecting the area from pirates. These towers can still be seen today. Back in the late nineteenth century the area becam popular as a summer holiday destination.

Back in 1905 opened the Hotel Balneario de la Encarnación. “La Encarnación” is still open today as a restaurant, and gives its guest a unique feeling of walking 60 years back in time.

Los Alcazares, that until 1983 was divided by two townhalls, Torre Pacheco and San Javier, is today known for its stunning 5 kilometer long beach promenade and lovely restaurants. All a long the sandy beaches you will find restaurants that not only offers good food, but also a cosy atmosphere.

The beautifull “La Encarnación”

Officially you will find 15.000 inhabitants, though Los Alcázares is today as well as in the late nineteenth a century popular tourist destination in the summertime.