Spain opens for tourist on June 21.

Spain opens for tourist on June 21.

Spain has advanced the opening for tourists to June 21. This applies to tourists from the EU and the Shengen area.

The only exception is the border with Portugal which, at the request of the Portuguese authorities, is closed until 1 July.

Government sources confirmed on Sunday evening that despite having left the bloc earlier this year, the United Kingdom is still considered an EU member state given that it is in a transition period and enjoys full membership rights. This means that UK travelers will also be able to enter Spain from June 21.

There will be no quarantine requirements for travelers.

June 21 is also the date of the cancellation of the alarm condition Spain has been in since March 14 and the country is thus back to a “almost normal state”.

This also means that anyone staying in Spain can now freely travel between the different regions and provinces.

However, there will continue to be restrictions on preventing excessive gatherings of people in the country.