Legal and Fiscal services

Legal and Fiscal services. Buying any property can easily become one of the most stressful experiences in your lifetime. This is especially true when purchasing an overseas property. The additional complications of dealing in a foreign language and a different culture, mean that it is all too easy to become frustrated and feel disillusioned. Solicitors that we recommend are determined that this does not happen.

Mediter Real Estate believe in complete cooperation and coordination between the client, ourselves, the solicitor, the banks and other key parties involved in the purchasing process, thus ensuring a complete, comprehensive service that delivers solutions, not problems, answers and not questions.

About your solicitor

Your solicitor will provide an extensive, personal service, covering all aspects surrounding purchasing a property in Spain, including your fiscal obligations.

What they do

  • Legal searches to ensure that both the land and the property are free from debt and encumbrances
  • Check building licenses on new build properties
  • Check that all payments are covered by a bank guarantee and negotiate contract(s)
  • Arrange signing of contract(s) and control all payments
  • Prepare Title Deeds from completion
  • Assist at the Notary for completion
  • Payment of taxes (yearly fiscal representation)
  • Inscription of Deeds in the Land Register.
  • Obtain an NIE number, so that you are recognised in the Spanish Revenue system.

Your solicitor will also arrange the set up of the utilities bills, in the case of purchasing a new build property or, in the case of a resale, they will arrange for the bills to be transferred into your name. Another important payment is that of the Community of Owners. Your solicitor will ensure that the administrator is informed of the change in ownership and arrange for the transfer of invoices to the new name.Your solicitor will also offer you the option to assign, to them, the Power of Attorney, in the event that you are unable to return to Spain to sign the title deeds. This is a common practice and means that the solicitor has the legal capacity to sign the title deeds, on your behalf, in front of the Notary.It is also advisable for you to have a Spanish Will. Although it is not obligatory, we would certainly recommend that you speak to your solicitor about having one drawn up. It’s quick and inexpensive and will save a lot of problems further down the line.

Listen to the experts – it’s what they’re there for!

Buying abroad is a major decision, requiring careful thought and consideration. By familiarizing yourself with the basic procedures, you could save yourself valuable time and money further down the line.