The dream home that suddenly appeared on a drive – Rune and Gitte Bach Andersen’s home purchase in Torrevieja

In the summer of 2019, Carsten from Mediter Real Estate, took Rune and Gitte Bach Andersen for a car ride in Torrevieja. The couple had already viewed many other listings in the area earlier in the week with another real estate agent, so they expected the same procedure again. But Carsten wouldn’t show them more listings right now. Instead, they took a step back to see and experience the different areas in Torrevieja. Something that turned out to be the right method for finding the dream home. With lowered expectations and zero intention to buy, they found the apartment that Rune and Gitte own today. Read more about their experience with Mediter Real Estate here:

Tell in your own words about the process with Mediter Real Estate. How was the experience?

We had actually decided that we should just spend one week looking at different housing opportunities and areas, and then in the following year specify our wishes and areas for where exactly we wanted our apartment to be. We allied ourselves with another real estate agent but after having seen around 15 different listings with this agent we had to try another strategy. That ended up being with Mediter Real Estate and Carsten. In the beginning we were actually quite surprised that Carsten did not want to show us more properties but only drive us around so we could get to know the area better. When he then showed us a few properties we ended up (against all intentions) making an offer on what is today our apartment. It ended up being a sale of a deceased person’s estate so it became a longer affair regarding taking over the place. However, we managed to get the keys and property rights to use the apartment in return for a deposit of the price. The apartment was furnished but otherwise empty of personal belongings, so Mediter had been helpful with finding extra furniture, bed linen and much more. Even the smallest things such as hanging up extra hooks, toilet hangers etc. Javier helped us with (Read more about Club Mediter here). Likewise, we have greatly benefited from the outstanding help and guidance from Mediter Real Estate. No matter the size of the question or doubt, we have been met with only smiles and helping hands. 

Safety and guidance 

Just around the time for us to take over the apartment the weather in Torrevieja wasn’t promising. They forecasted a lot of rain and we had our first thoughts about how the apartment would take that. We called Carsten and got the message that he had already been at the apartment to check that everything was fine – and it was. Things like that made us feel very safe throughout the whole process. 

From being just a newly bought apartment to the feeling of arriving at home 

By the first time we went down to Spain to use the apartment, we found a home with newly made beds and everything at ease: We felt at home. Also, our kids and grandkids went there for a week and they also had the feeling of returning “home” to Spain. This has to a great extent been due to Mediter Real Estate. Actually, have we been so satisfied and pleased with both the treatment from Mediter and the apartment that we have told Mediter to let us know if there is another apartment for sale in the building in the future. 

… and we are keeping an eye on it for you ☺️ Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with us. It has been a pleasure to meet you and we wish you many further happy months in your apartment in our lovely Spain.