Cartagena, Costa Calida

The historical city

As the twentieth largest city in Spain and the second largest in the Murcia region, you find Cartagena with a population around 220.000 inhabitants.

With its big port towards the Mediterranean Sea, the history of Cartagena goes very far back in history telling stories of huge battles taking place from the sea side against the city. Today the mountains surrounding Cartagena gives an impression of history, ruins from castles overlooks the city and the sea.

Tradition for mining in Cartagena

Traditionally Cartagena was exporting silver and zinc from mines in the surround mountains. Today the city lives of a wider selection as the industries offers construction, ship yards, oil refining, olive oil production, fruit and vegetables, wine and different metals. Cartagena is also known for its continuously military activity. Even today, a fairly big part of the center is closed of by walls, closing of militaries properties and areas.

A walk around the center of Cartagena offers you big “plazas” with an overload of ancient buildings, and even though the port of Cartagena is busy with lots of industry, it is absolutely worth a visit.