Property in Spain – Information

Welcome to our knowledge pages. Because a little knowledge can take you a long way, we have put together some information, to help you settle into your new life in Spain. Get it right the first time and it could save you valuable time and money in the long run.

Where to start

Before you start looking for your property in Spain, you should carefully decide on the area you will want or need. Location should be an essential factor in you decision.

  • No matter where you choose to buy, here are some general, essential factors to consider
  • Availability and cost of public transportation; accessibility to major roads and highways
  • Proximity to shopping facilities, parks and recreational facilities, restaurants and schools
  • Condition of public facilities such as streets, pavements, medical centres and dentists
  • Availability of public services such as street cleaning and refuse collection
  • Cost of municipal taxes and communal fees

Learn more about buying a property in Spain

Property Inspections Visits
Don’t just take our word for it. Come and see the area and our properties for yourself on one of our individual and personalised show trips.

Buying Cost Explained
Find out what you realistically should expect to pay on top of the purchase price, where that money goes and what it all means.

Legal and Fiscal service
You are always recommended to use the services of a reputable solicitor, but what exactly do they do for you? Find out here.

NIE’s & Residencia
A guide to filling out necessary paperwork, what you need to apply, why you need to apply and most importantly, how long you have to stand in line!

Funding Your Property
Once you have found the right property for you, how do you go about financing it to make sure that you can actually buy it?

Learn more about selling a property in Spain

Selling a Property in Spain
Should you want to sell your property in Spain, then Mediter Real Estate can help you to market your property effectively.