Torrevieja, Alicante, Costa Blanca

Torrevieja, a place to visit

Located at Costa Blanca about 40 km south of Alicante airport is Torrevieja with its approx. 90,000 inhabitants the 5th largest city in the Valencia region, after Valencia, Alicante, Elche and Castellon. Though, it is known that more than 100.000 visitors are living more or less permanently in Torrevieja.

Torrevieja was originally a small village with fishing as the main occupation. In addition, the city is known for its two large salt lakes. One of these salt lakes are protected area. The nature around the lake is untouched and has created a beautiful area for hiking, and is also a popular “rest area” for birds flying between northern and southern Europe. In addition, there are often large flocks of flamingos in the lake. From the other “active salt lake” is annually produced 600-700.000 tons of salt. This salt lake is also known for its spectacular color. When the sun is shining on the water at daytime,the water gets a purple/reddish color.

The name Torrevieja means “Old Tower”. I 1802 the tower was the only thing built in the are, today known as Torrevieja. In 1803 there was given authorization for construction in relation with the extraction of salt from the lakes. In 1829, everything that was built, was torn apart by an earthquake. However, the area was quickly rebuilt, and the salt production could continue.

The area around Torrevieja is very popular amongst tourists due to the micro-climate, which annually gives average temperatures of approx. 21, and between 300-330 days of sunshine a year. The mountains in the area, are all about 10-15 kilometers inland. This gives a hilly, but relatively flat area. This mountain zone combined with the large salt lakes, the Mar Menor Sea and the Mediterranean Sea gives an evaporation of the clouds over Torrevieja. There can often be seen clouds around the mountains inland, while coastal area enjoys the sun.

Many of Torrevieja inhabitants and tourists enjoys the beautiful and wide beach-promenade, with restaurants, cafes, shops etc, all with spectacular views. Along the promenade there are even more pleasant sandy beaches. The promenade was in 2011 extended, so it now goes from the marina to the end of Playa del Cura. In Torrevieja center you will find a reasonable selection of shops, with choices for all interests. In addition, is offering several shopping centers. The largest commercial center in Torrevieja is Habaneras, located 2 km. from the center of town. Here you will find numerous shops, hairdressers, restaurants, etc. There is free parking in the basement of the large shopping center, which takes into account the good weather, where visitors can shop under the open roof. Beside Habaneras, is both a cinema, bowling alley, casino, supermarkets, restaurants and the large Aquopolis water park in the same area.

In recent years Torrevieja has been given athletes great opportunities. Around the stadium, one finds today a large indoor hall for the city’s handball team with room for 5,000 spectators, large swimming pool with 50 meter pool, several football fields with good “extra facilities”, 12 paddle tennis courts, 8 tennis courts and a tennis court with seats for spectators, an indoor activity building with squas, aerobics , zumba etc., a rugby / football on artificial turf with spectators area. The new sports area, which are to be extended even further have adequate given the name “Sports City”.