New port project in Torrevieja

It is with much excitement that we can share the news about Torreviejas new port. The construction is set to begin in march. With a private investment of 10.5 million euro from the businessman Enrique Riquelme and 8 million from the city council, it is a guaranteed succes. The project is going to remodel a previously unused area and some of the fish market. More than 80.000m2 which lies close to the heart of the city, are going to be made brand new.

About 40.000m2 are going to be for a new leisure area, made for cinemas, small businesses, bowling and stallholders. In the leisure area there will be six buildings, built on two floors. Underneath the buildings will be 600 parking spaces, so there will be even more parking spaces along the Torrevieja port! Promenade-like walkways are planned to spand the entire port, made for lovely walks with views of the ocean.

The space not used for the leisure area is going to be for the growing fishing industry in Torrevieja. One of the first buildings going up, will be the new fish market.

The project is going to create 130 new jobs.