How Pia and Vagn found their Spanish dream home

How Pia and Vagn found their Spanish dream home

If you are dreaming of buying a house in Spain, you are by no means the only one. Many Europeans have taken the big step and bought houses in sunny Spain. Two of them are Pia and Vagn. They bought a home in the spring of 2019, with the help of Mediter Real Estate. They have written some words about the experience itself. Keep on reading here!

Pia and Vags testimonial

“Thank you very much for your great, personal and professional handling of our big dream to have our own Spanish home. From the beginning, what seemed to be a huge task, has become an exciting journey because of your help. We have already been able to enjoy many holidays in our new dream home.

With your help you have shown us that buying an apartment in Spain is actually a “simple” matter. The three phases we have been through have all been completed smoothly. Through all phases we have felt that the process has been on our premises.

You have managed to give us tranquility in every way, as well as helped us to see opportunities rather than limitations. From the first meeting with Gitte, at the airport, she not only managed to show us different homes, we were also guided around the areas we had shown interest in. Gitte showed a sublime knowledge of the history and culture of the area we were interested in. Based on our wishes we managed to find our dream home together.

Before leaving Spain we had decided on a home, so we were introduced to Annette. She was going to help us through the process, and was also able to help us find furniture for our new home. Anette managed to understand our wishes and helped us with a “furniture package” that suited our wishes. Along with this, Anette handled a lot of practical things for us, such as communication between the construction company, our lawyer and Mediter Real Estate. This meant that we from Denmark could feel safe, even in this process.

In the end, when we moved into our new apartment, Mediter Real Estate has been able to offer a lot of subsequent services. This means that we can relax when we are on holiday and have peace of mind when we are in Denmark, where they will be looking after our apartment and check it once a month.

Once again, the biggest recommendations on using Mediter Real Estate and their employees, for a safe and trouble-free home purchase in Spain. A big thank you for your great personal commitment.”

These were the nice words that Pia and Vagn had to say about the whole process of buying an apartment in Spain. Are you curious to hear more about the different phases Pia and Vagn talk about? Then keep on reading, we will go a little deeper into what we can help with:

Inspection visits

After defining your budget and financial opportunities, we always recommend that you go on an inspection trip to Spain as early as possible in the process. Thus, you create the best conditions for gaining insight as well as creating a sound and thorough decision-making basis, for which areas or locations, and what type of accommodation suits your wishes, dreams and requirements. Once you have been on an inspection trip and you know the area better, it is much easier to research the market online. Also, remember to consider the season. If the plan is that your new home will be used primarily in winter, it may be a good idea to go on an inspection trip during this period. Read more about inspection visits here.

After Sales Service – Decor, furniture and much more

Once you’ve bought your dream home, there are many practical things that need to be taken care of. Our experience shows that designing a new Spanish house is a demanding job. Many things are different in Spain and “the customer is always right” is not always the Spanish attitude. Therefore, an interior design project can develop into a time-consuming affair. A helping hand from an experienced and locally known Mediter Real Estate employee will be useful.
Therefore, we also offer to help in this process. We live in the area and have insider knowledge, and have for many years experienced which fall groups and suppliers to avoid. We also have good contacts with service-oriented furniture stores as well as craftsmen. This can save you both time and money. If you wish, we can make sure everything is in place in your new home so that you can enjoy your holiday and relax when you come to Spain from day one. Read more about aftersales here.

Club Mediter – Inspection of your accommodation every month

Last but not least, we want to mention Club Mediter. It is a great offer for those who want trouble-free service of your home. Since most people do not stay permanently in their homes in Spain, there is often a need for assistance in maintaining them. At Mediter Real Estate we have our own service department that can help with every need. This we call “Club Mediter”. Club Mediter offers to take care of your Spanish home when you do not have the opportunity. We offer a wide range of services that can satisfy most needs, whether you want to sublet your home or not. We can manage all types of properties from apartments to individual villas. Read more about Club Mediter here.

Call us and hear more. We can also help you!

If this has made you curious about how we can help you find your dream home in Spain, give us a call – we’re on the phone or on the chat to help.