Las Colinas Golf & Country Club

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club – A world apart

In Campoamor, to the south of Alicante, there is a place which is different:

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club. A 330-hectare valley between hills, near the sea, with a championship golf course running through it.

An eco-friendly development with low housing intensity, which blends into its surroundings.

A place to escape to and enjoy 200,000 sq. metres of natural space and scenic walks through indigenous flora, and orange and lemon groves.

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club is one of the most ambitious golf projects in the Mediterranean, set in privileged surroundings where natural beauty, unique terrain and proximity to the coast combine in perfect harmony.

An oasis of luxury and tranquility

Occupying approximately 3,300,000 sqm, the resort is accessed through a natural gorge which leads to stunning panoramic views incorporating the sea, nature reserve and golf course. Translated literally as “the hills” the resort lends its name perfectly to its unique terrain, whereby from every point you can enjoy your privileged surroundings.

Environmental protection plan

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club is a development which blends into nature and respects its surroundings and the environment. The design of the project includes a plan of sustainable development and environment protection measures drawn up by Valencia’s Universidad Politécnica. This plan contemplates low levels of acoustic and light contamination and the use of indigenous trees and species in the gardens.

Las Colinas Golf Course

Las Colinas Golf & Country Club boasts a world class golf course of a high calibre designed to attract top level international tournaments. This course is geared up for amateurs and professionals alike. Designed by Cabell B. Robinson, this 18 hole Par 71 golf course is the first element of the resort that you will see when driving through the stunning natural gorge entrance. Running across the valley, surrounded by hills and with the Mediterranean as the backdrop, not only is the course a pleasurably challenge, its natural surroundings provide an idyllic setting.

The golf course extends across the valley between the hills, adapts to the unusual lie of the land and blends naturally into the landscape. The width of its fairways, the design of its extensive undulating greens, and the numerous tees at each hole give it great versatility and mean that it is suitable for professional competitions, while also offering any player a pleasant, enjoyable and affordable game.

Las Colinas Beach Club

Just a few minutes away from Las Colinas Golf & Country Club, on the seafront at La Glea beach in Campoamor, there is a private hideaway overlooking the sea: Las Colinas Beach Club.

It is the perfect place to escape from the world and to enjoy the sun, the beach and the sea, whether it´s reclining on a sun bed beside the infinity pool, or sitting on the deck of the café bar among magnificent palm trees, with idyllic views out over the Mediterranean.

Las Colinas Beach Club also has changing rooms, a separate childrens pool and a private car park.